Why a Book About Fastcase?

Why a book about Fastcase? Why a book about any online legal research service? With google and a seemingly limitless supply of information online, many attorneys think research is easy and quick and that little effort is required to find just the case, statute or other legal document that you need.

But legal research is a skill and like any skill worth having, it’s a skill that takes time and effort to acquire and perfect. In the 1990s I spent years flailing around trying to teach myself Photoshop and Premiere (Adobe’s video editing program). It was very frustrating and I would routinely do some tasks the hardest way possible because I hadn’t discovered some handy tool or feature.

But eventually I found a series of manuals that helped me learn how to master these programs. Those books (the Sams Teach Yourself series, in case anyone is curious) took a logical, step-by-step approach to explaining these programs in detail, and they are well-illustrated and written in a clear, concise style that is easy to follow. These were my models for Fastcase: The Definitive Guide. Just as those technical manuals helped me with Photoshop and Premiere, I think that my book can help attorneys use Fastcase 7 more effectively and more efficiently, and thereby save time out of their busy, billable days.

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