Post-Publication Changes in the Fastcase 7 Layout

During this whole time I was writing my book about Fastcase 7, it seemed they were constantly tweaking, upgrading, and adding new features. I had to sign-off on my final manuscript back in November, and my worst fear was that Fastcase would release some great new tool or make a major change to Fastcase 7 as soon as my book was published.

Well, so far so good: there’s only been a few minor cosmetic changes.

When I was writing Fastcase: The Definitive Guide, I new a book would be out of date as soon as it hit print, and they promised there were no big, major changes coming along in at least the first half of 2018.

But one purpose of this blog is to follow-up on the book when changes to Fastcase 7 are worth noting. And just as the book is hitting the streets, a few cosmetic tweaks to the main page have been made in the past few week that worth noting.

First, the main landing page been tweaked and is a bit more streamlined:

The superfluous search field on the toolbar is gone, the Outline View button has been moved next to the main search field, the extra “Advanced” link on the toolbar is gone, and the “Advanced” link next to the main search field is now a button, so it stands out more. (Oh, and the Fastcase 7 logo is different – it takes up a full pane like the rest of the elements of the landing page.)

That extra search field on the landing page always bothered me – it’s the search field that is on the toolbar in all search results and other pages, but it was just confusing here.

Second, there’s a new Apps & Tools pull-down menu on the main landing page. The links for Cloud Linking and Clio are here, as well as a new link for Docket Alarm, a leading docket-monitoring and analysis service that Fastcase recently acquired.

The minor changes on the interface are great, and Docket Alarm gives Fastcase users an up-charge option to integrate docket analysis and research into their portfolio of tools. But Alerts are still MIA on Fastcase 7 and you still can’t print or email the documents you retrieve through Type-Ahead Search. These are two important shortcomings of Fastcase 7 that I mention in the book and which I’ll be harping on writing about later in this blog.


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